Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 4 - Today in Beatles History

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Dezo Hoffmann takes pictures during a pre-session rehearsal. First Hoffmann's Beatles publicity shots.

2.30-5.00pm. Ron Richards leads a rehearsal of six songs, including 'How Do You Do It?', 'Love Me Do', 'Please Please Me'.
5.30-7.00pm. Restaurant Alpino. Dinner of the Beatles with Neil Aspinall and George Martin.
Studio 2. 7.00-10.00pm. Recording: 'How Do You Do It?' (takes unknown); 'Love Me Do' (takes 1-15+). Mono mixing: 'How Do You Do It?' (from take 2); 'Love Me Do' (from unknown take number). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Norman Smith; 2nd Engineer: unknown.
First session for the first single.
Remixes for cutting acetates.

Concert at the Gaumont, Worcester.

'She Loves You' number 1, 1st week in the ranking (UK New Musical Express chart).
'Please Please Me' LP, 24th week in the Top 10 (UK New Musical Express chart).


Concert at the Milwaukee Auditorium.

Eric Easton, Rolling Stones joint manager, denies reports that Brian Epstein is bidding to buy their management contract.

UK single release: 'What A Memory Can Do', first single of the Rustiks.

'Help!' single number 1, 1st week; 4th week in the Top 40(Billboard).

Twickenham Film Studios. Filming of clips for 'Hey Jude' and 'Revolution'. Ringo returns to the Beatles.
David Frost records the introduction for the clip of 'Hey Jude', to present it later on his program 'Frost On Sunday'.

'Bangla Desh', 2nd week in the Top 40 (Billboard).
'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey', 3rd week in the Top 40 (Billboard).

'Let 'em In', 8th week in the Top 40 (Billboard).

'Take It Away', 8th week in the Top 40 (Billboard).

Studio 2. Show 'The Beatles At Abbey Road' (3 times).

Recording of LP 'Help!', on benefit of the children of Bosnia, raising money for War Child, British organization working in Mostar, Bosnia.

Photographic exhibition of Linda at the Museum of the City ofSan Francisco.

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