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September 26 - Today in Beatles History

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1959 The Quarry Men perform at the Casbah Coffee Club in West Derby, Liverpool.

1962 Noon: Performance at the Cavern. Evening: Performance at the Cavern, with The Spiderman and The Dominoes.

1964 `A Hard Day's Night' LP number 1, 10th week (UK Record Retailer chart).

1967 Studio 2. 7.00pm-4.15am. Recording: `The Fool On The Hill' (tape reduction take 4 into take 5, overdub onto take 5, tape reduction take 5 into take 6, overdub onto take 6). Producer: not assigned; Engineer: Ken Scott; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush.

1968 Studio 2 (control room only). 7.00pm-1.30am. Mono mixing: `Happiness Is A Warm Gun' (remixes 3-12, from take 65); `What's The New Mary Jane' (remixes 1, 2, from take 4); `Glass Onion' (remixes 1, 2, from take 33); `I Will' (remixes 1, 2, from take 68). Recording: `Glass Onion' (one unnumbered take of sound effects). Producer: Chris Thomas; Engineer: Ken Scott; 2nd Engineer: Mike Sheady. Recording of sound effects, never used, for `Glass Onion'.

1969 UK LP release: `Abbey Road'.
Abbey Road (UK album)

1970 Abbey Road. Start of recordings for `John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band' LP.

1973 Paul, Linda and Denny Lane fly from Lagos, Nigeria, to the Gatwick Airport, London. Flight No. BR364.

1974 US LP release: `Walls And Bridges'.

1989 Paul's concert at the Drammenshallen, Oslo, Norway. Start of `Get Back' tour.

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