Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20 - Today in Beatles History

Marriage of Harold Harrison and Louise French.

Contract with Paramount Enterprises, to play the Grosvenor Ballroom, Wallasey.

Start of tour of Scotland as backup band for Johnny Gentle.

Concert at the Gaumont, Southampton (3rd British tour).

'Please Please Me' LP, 61st and last week in the Top 10 (UK New Musical Express chart).
'With The Beatles', 26th week in the Top 30 (UK New Musical Express chart).
'Can't Buy Me Love', 9th and last week in the Top 30 (UK New Musical Express chart).

Recording of BBC Light Programme 'Let's Find Out'. Brian answers teenager's questions.
Evening: Brian appears on Southern TV programme 'For Art's Sake'.

Long Distance Films Limited, film production company, is incorporated, with Brian one of its opening directors, alongside Tony Richardson, Karel Reisz and other important film industry moguls.

Studio 1 (control room only). 11.00am-12.30pm. Stereo mixing: 'And Your Bird Can Sing' (remixes 1, 2, from takes 10, 6); 'Doctor Robert' (remixes 1, 2, from take 7); 'I'm Only Sleeping' (remixes 1, 2, from take 13). Editing: 'And Your Bird Can Sing' (of stereo remixes 1, 2); 'Doctor Robert' (of stereo remixes 1, 2). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Phil McDonald.
Mixes for ''Yesterday'... And Today' and 'Revolver'.

Shooting of clips for 'Paperback Writer'/'Rain' at Chiswick House and Gardens, London.

John and Cynthia attend an all-night party with Mick Jagger and Chrissie Shrimpton.

Epstein temporarily leaves the Priory Hospital for an afternoon tea with Ringo and his family at their Weybridge house. John and George attend. Later, Brian returns to the clinic.

John and George visit Bruce Ormrod at offices of Henry Ansbacher & Co., to discuss ATV's bid with the syndicates.

Premiere of 'Let It Be' at the London Pavilion and Liverpool.

Evening: George goes to the studio with Phil Spector, beginning work on LP 'All Things Must Pass'.

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