Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beatles History For February 10

Beatles, Fab Four, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Brian writes to Dick Rowe, about Rowe's decision of not signing the Beatles to a recording contract with Decca.

Concert at the Embassy, Peterborough (Helen Shapiro Tour).

Photographic session with photographer Cyrus Andrews at the Royal Court Hotel lobby and in and around Sloane Square, London. Locations: 1) Royal Court Hotel lobby; 2) telephone box; 3) Ford Popular; 4) letterbox; 5) Royal Court Theatre entrance; 6) King's Arms Public House.

Press conference at the Plaza Hotel dancing room.

Elvis Presley sends a congratulatory telegram to the Beatles.
US 'Herald Tribune', about the Beatles: 75 % publicity, 20 % haircuts and 5 % cheerful mournings.
US 'Daily News', about the Beatles: Elvis performances are nothing compared with the Beatles stage image.

UK single release: 'I'm In Love', with the Fourmost.

Studio 1. 8.00pm-1.00am. Recording: 'A Day In The Life' (tape reduction take 6 into take 7, overdub onto take 7, reduction of take 7 with overdub onto take 6, edit piece takes 8-11). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush.
Orchestra overdub. 1st use of two 4-track machines running in sync.. Initial idea for the end: a long 'hummmmmm'.
Visits at the studio: Pattie Harrison, Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, Keith Richards, Mike Nesmith, Donovan, Simon and Marijke of the Fool.

Concert by the Scaffold at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. Recorded for LP 'The Scaffold'. Paul and Jane attend.


George is guest on KLOS-FM's 'Rockline' out of Los Angeles.

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